How to get stains out of your clothes

Tips for getting deodorant stains out of your clothes
under your arms boosts your confidence. However, no woman wants this at the expense of stained clothes. Find out how to stay dry while protecting your fabrics.

How to get stains out of your clothes – choosing your product

Deodorants and antiperspirants are designed so you feel good on the outside and inside. Having stain-free clothes is just part of that.

Why do some deodorants leave stains?

Most of the time, what people refer to as deodorants are actually antiperspirants that contain aluminum salts.

This active ingredient reduces sweat flow in the underarm areas by constricting the upper part of sweat glands. Antiperspirants also help to reduce bacteria that cause bad odor.

When it comes to stains, these can occur for a number of reasons. They are usually caused by a complex interaction of sebum, laundry detergent and aluminium salts. But, yellow stains can also form without an antiperspirant because skin lipids mixed with dirt particles can also stain clothes.

How to get stains out of your clothes the easy way

Find out how to remove stains with these quick and easy tips and discover some do’s and don’ts to help you protect your clothes.

Tips for removing stains

  • Always remove the stain as soon as it appears
  • After cleaning the stain, stick the item of clothing in the washing machine (follow the washing instructions)
  • Wash dark and white colours separately
  • Let your antiperspirant dry on the skin before you put on your clothes to prevent white marks
  • Don’t try to get too many wears out of clothes – if you wore a lot of product, put it in the wash

Why do wrinkles form around our eyes?

1. The quick method
If you see your deodorant has transferred onto your clothes as you are getting dressed, try dabbing at the stain with a pair of tights before it dries.

2. The traditional method
If the deodorant stain is a bit more stubborn, try rubbing with your stain remover stick.

3. The medicine cabinet method
Crush two aspirin tablets in half a cup of boiling water. Rub the mixture into the stain and let it sit for a few hours. But, make sure to try it on a small part of your clothing first to check that the fabric can handle it.

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