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Hair Care FAQ

Questions About Hair Care?

Find the answers to your frequently asked questions here.

1. Do Nivea hair care styling products burden my hair's health?

NIVEA Hair Care Styling products do not burden your hair and scalp! On the contrary, NIVEA Styling products with vitamins will protect your hair of daily hardship.

2. When do I use hair mousse?

Hair mousse is particularly good for hair styling in order to gain volume.  Hair mousses are especially preferred  in combination with blow-dryer and circular brush. However, they can also be used for air drying. NIVEA Hair Mousses deliver a natural look and flexible hold all day long.

3. When do I need hair spray?
Hair spray fixes your hair style and gives a long and reliable hold to it. The NIVEA Styling Sprays give visible shine and keep your hair in shape all day. They are sprayed as a finish over the hairstyle and are ideally suited to complement the use of NIVEA Styling Mousses.

4. What is different from Ultra Strong to Extra Strong hold?
Styling products are generally divided into different hold levels like flexible, extra strong, ultra strong, mega strong and extreme hold. This comes along with the fixation of the hairstyle that increases from flexible to extreme hold. So ultra strong gives your hair a stronger hold and less flexibility than extra strong.

5. Can I use styling products, even if I have dandruff?
NIVEA Styling products normally have no negative impact on your scalp or hair. Even with dandruff, you can use all NIVEA Styling products without hesitation. Dandruff is annoying, but doesn't need to be a problem! We recommend the NIVEA Anti-Dandruff Shampoos. With its Active System it fights dandruff actively and reduces its reappearance.

6. Why do NIVEA hair care products contain silicones?
Well formulated and dosed silicones have many positive characteristics and therefore help to make your hair smooth, shiny and supple. NIVEA products contain only silicones that are beneficial and not harmful. Silicones have been used in Hair Care products since the 1980s though the first products were quite heavy and strong nurturing what gave very fine hair a partly flat and greasy appearance. Today’s Hair Care products with silicones do not lead to this effect anymore. As all of the used silicones can be removed by surfactants during cleansing, no  build-up effect of silicones on the hair will occur. Your hair is optimally maintained without straining it and drying it out. As we’d like to give you the opportunity to decide whether to use silicone containing products or not, the NIVEA Hair Care range offers as well numerous silicone-free products, such as shampoos.

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