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Long hair: care tips for hair to die for

Healthy, lustrous and cared for? Our tips for long hair
Long hair is wonderful – but also demanding. Using the right care tips will give your hair the attention it deserves. This is how long hair stays beautiful for a long time.

Here’s how to get your long hair on top form

The way to get the hair you’ve always wanted – washing and caring for it properly

Even if long hair needs a lot of attention, you can simplify your care and styling regime with a few tricks: 
  • Before washing, briefly comb your hair through. This helps you untangle it more easily later on. To do this, use a brush with natural bristles that will care for your hair gently. 
  • When blow-drying, make sure that you do not hold the dryer directly on your hair but always keep enough distance. This will help ensure that you don’t damage your hair and you won’t have to give up styling your hair either. 
  • Do you have dry ends? You can counteract this problem by always applying shampoo only to the hairline and putting conditioner throughout the length of your hair. If you don’t have time to always use a conditioner, a leave-in conditioner is a good alternative. 
  • Little tip: Save time in the shower and apply shampoo to the hairline and conditioner throughout the length of your hair at the same time. Then you can massage the conditioner in a bit as well. Both products can be rinsed out at the same time! This way, you’ll save time in the morning and your hair will be wonderfully fresh and groomed.
  • For an extra dose of care, use a weekly hair mask as well, the NIVEA Long Care & Repair Treatment, for instance. It provides moisture and gives long hair a healthy glow.
  • Would you like a new hair colour? Then having it coloured by a professional is recommended. Professional hairdressers know exactly which products are the right ones for your hair structure and use them more efficiently than we can use colouring agents from the chemist. 
And this way, your hair will not be as stressed when treated by a professional as it would be when you colour it yourself.

Well Styled

Great styles for long hair – which hairdo for which type

Must-have for long manes

The 1-minute mask is perfectly designed for the needs of long hair. You can use it every time you wash your hair. It protects your hair, makes it easy to comb and doesn’t leave behind any residue. A fantastic product.

Long hair: what to note when styling

  • Use soft hair bands and hair ties whenever possible so that you don’t get split ends.
  • Use hairbands that are twisted into a spiral, for instance, that leave hardly any impression when worn and do not snap your hair off when you wear them.
  • Handle your wet hair very carefully as it can be damaged more easily when brushing it wet than when it is dry.
  • Use styling products that protect and care for your hair. NIVEA Volume Care Styling Spray holds for 24 hours, without being sticky, does not dry your hair out and can be easily combed out.
  • Volume is a must-have for beautiful, long hair: it needs fullness at the hairline in particular. NIVEA Volume Care Styling Mousse encases the surface of the hair in a net of polymers, for instance, that doubles the volume by means of a push-up effect when blow-drying. Your hair is also protected by the keratin protection system against damaging external influences and from the heat of blow-drying.
  • Have the ends of your hair cut regularly. Every 6-8 weeks for best results. Then your long hair will always look well groomed.
  • Be careful when blow-drying: heat that is too strong will damage your hair. Therefore, always hold the dryer a distance away from your hair and always keep it moving when drying.

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