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How to deal with a dry scalp

Beautiful hair and a scalp that feels good: simple care tips

If your head is tense and itchy, the cause might be that your scalp is too dry. Your scalp lacks moisture primarily in winter, when it is particularly stressed by the cold and dry air from the heating. NIVEA’s care tips will restore your scalp’s balance.

How do we get a dry scalp?

The complexity of our scalp

New cells are constantly forming in the deeper layers of our scalp. Having a healthy scalp with good circulation provides the best conditions for beautiful hair.

Like the rest of our skin, the scalp is also made up of several layers: 
In the lower layers, new cells are formed while on the surface, old cells are constantly being shed.

Specific triggers can upset this system however – then you’ll find you experience itching, dryness, feelings of tautness and a build-up of dandruff. Other influences such as too much sun or salty or chlorinated water remove moisture from the scalp and allow dandruff to form.

An unbalanced diet, a lot of stress and taking too many showers can also dry out the scalp.
Having a dry scalp can also be hereditary. When the itching becomes unbearable however, you must visit a doctor – the cause could be fungal or an infestation of lice or mites. But do not worry. These situations can now be treated quickly and simply.

Caring for your scalp naturally

Natural ingredients like aloe vera contribute to giving a dry scalp more moisture and vitality – so that you quickly feel comfortable in your own skin again.

Smooth and lustrous


You can treat a dry scalp entirely naturally with olive oil or coconut oil. Massage a few drops into your scalp and do not wash the oil out – it replenishes the natural oils, moisturises and nourishes the hair. For intensive nourishment, leave the oil in overnight.

Power duo

Another natural method to combat dry scalp is to massage a 2:1 mixture of nettle tea and cider vinegar into your scalp. But pay attention to the ratios of the ingredients so that the vinegar does not irritate the scalp.