NIVEA Minis: professional skin care when on the move

Practical everyday help in handbag size
They fit in every handbag and office drawer and can even be taken in your flight hand luggage – why you should never leave without cosmetic and care products in travel sizes.

Fresh and ready for the office

NIVEA Minis are perfect for office life. A mini hand cream keeps your hands soft and fits in every handbag or office drawer. And so does a mini hairspray, allowing you to tame flyaway wisps or unruly hair before attending important meetings. Did you know that the classic NIVEA Creme can also help you style your hair? It is available in a mini size, too.

Having some sunscreen close at hand in a mini size is equally essential to protect you from sunburn on your lunchtime stroll in the sun. A handy roll-on deodorant rounds off your office beauty set. In stressful situations, it provides a fresh feeling and prevents unpleasant body odour from developing.

Your NIVEA Minis for the office

  • Mini Anti Age Q10 Hand Cream
  • Mini Styling Spray Volume Strength & Care
  • NIVEA Creme Mini
  • Mini Protect & Moisture Sun Lotion
  • Stress Protect Roll On

Sporty beauty aids for when you’re on the move

If you plan to go to the gym directly after work, you want your sports bag to be as light as possible. This is when NIVEA Minis are just what you need. Shower gel and shampoo are available in travel sizes, just like our practical make-up remover for taking off your mascara and other make-up before working out.

After your training session, give your skin the moisturising care it needs with NIVEA Soft Mini for your face and a Mini Bodymilk for your body.

Your NIVEA Minis for sport

  • Mini Creme Soft Shower Cream
  • Mini Volume Strength & Care Shampoo
  • Mini In-Shower Make-up Remover
  • NIVEA Mini Soft
  • Mini Smooth Milk Body Lotion


Whether at a dinner party, clubbing or at a festival: you only need a little something to make you look great. NIVEA Minis fit easily into your handbag or rucksack. A roll-on deodorant helps prevent unpleasant body odours developing as you dance the night away. A little hairspray will keep your hair-do in place.

And of course, you don’t want to forget sun protection at those open-air summer parties. If you have been exposed to too much sun, a travel-size after-sun will ensure your skin regenerates itself while you keep partying through the night. Handy NIVEA Creme Care Facial Cleansing Wipes are indispensable for removing make-up at festivals, allowing your skin to recover overnight. NIVEA Creme Mini is an all-rounder, caring for your hands as well as your dry elbows and knees.

Your NIVEA Minis for long nights

  • Pearl & Beauty Roll On
  • Mini Styling Spray Volume Strength & Care
  • Mini After Sun Moisturising
  • Creme Care Facial Cleansing Wipes
  • NIVEA Creme Mini

Low on packaging, high on sun protection

Sun protection is part and parcel of a day on the beach or swimming outdoors. When we are in town or out and about on our bikes in good weather, we quickly forget that aggressive UV rays damage our skin. Keeping a Mini Sun Lotion in your bag acts as a practical reminder.

In the spring, or when it’s cloudy, a day cream with a sun protection factor can also protect your skin from burning and ageing. The travel size fits in any handbag, as does a small hand cream with UV filters.

If you do happen to get burnt, then a travel-size after-sun lotion provides your stressed skin with everything it needs. And don’t forget: we sweat more on hot days. Pop a roll-on deodorant in your bag, too.

Your NIVEA Minis for sunny days

  • Mini Protect & Moisture Sun Lotion
  • Mini Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream SPF 15
  • Mini Anti Age Q10 Hand Cream
  • Mini After Sun Moisturising
  • Fresh Flower Roll On

Practical beauty programme for short trips

To keep your hand luggage compact and manageable on short trips, try using travel-size beauty products. This will allow you to leave your large pots of day and night cream and NIVEA Soft at home. You can also save space by taking disposable razors and mini tubes of shaving gel, so you can have smooth legs to show off on the beach or a stroll about town.

No matter whether you are on a beach holiday or a city break, your sunscreen should always be on hand. Practical tip: step off the aeroplane or train straight into the sunshine at your destination and have sun protection in a handy mini format right there, without having to search through your suitcase first. Remember, however, that if you’re travelling by plane, your NIVEA Minis have to be stored in a transparent plastic bag.

NIVEA Minis for travel

  • Mini Q10Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream SPF 15
  • Mini Q10Plus Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream
  • Mini Protect & Shave Shaving Gel
  • Mini Protect & Moisturise Sun Lotion
  • NIVEA Soft Mini

Travelling by plane: what can I take in my hand luggage?

When travelling by plane to a holiday destination, lots of people ask: what am I allowed to take into the cabin in my hand luggage? And what would be better to check into the hold?

Travelling with small luggage

Travel sizes are the ideal companions for anyone who wants to take cosmetics in their hand luggage. NIVEA Minis fit perfectly in a resealable one-litre plastic bag. This is the only way airlines allow you to take liquids in your hand luggage.

Holiday checklist: cosmetics in your hand luggage for the plane

Travel sizes are the ideal companions for a short trip with a small case. If you don’t check in a large suitcase for the hold, you will not only save money, but also precious holiday time – by not wasting time waiting at the carousel.

If this is the case, your cosmetics will also have to go in your hand luggage, so there are a few rules to observe when flying. Only containers with a volume of up to 100 millilitres are allowed on board. Larger containers have to stay at home, even if they contain less than 100 millilitres.

The products must be put in a resealable transparent plastic bag with a maximum capacity of one litre – NIVEA Minis fit perfectly in these bags.

You may take the following cosmetic products packed like this in your hand luggage onto the plane:

  • Creams, gels, shampoos, lotions and oils
  • Cosmetic items like mascara, perfume, liquid make-up, liquid lipstick and toothpaste
  • Sprays and foams, like shaving foam, hairspray, deodorant, hair mousse

Practical care tips for everyday life

With NIVEA Minis, you are equipped for most challenges in life. Here you will find all the perfect tips for home and holidays.
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