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Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid: the on-trend hairstyle

The step-by-step explanation for creating it at home

It is cool and enhances every look: the fishtail braid But how is it done? It can be copied quite simply if you follow our instructions. And the most fashionable braid of summer 2015 has lots of versions. We’ll show you how to wear it.

The fishtail braid – casual, sophisticated, charming

This version is a great change from a normal braid or French plait and looks particularly good with long hair. The fishtail braid is appropriate for all occasions, worn both as a casual style and an elegant one.

Fishtail Braid
If worn low, the fishtail braid has a really wonderful casual look about it.

The fishtail braid – a hit with celebrities

Lots of women love this braid because it is simple to plait and has a fabulous effect. Very casual versions are the most popular: with a fishtail braid plaited to the side, lying nonchalantly over one shoulder. The loose strands give this braid its casual look. Fantastic! 

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One hairstyle – lots of options

With just a few simple tricks, you can create a whole new look from a delicate fishtail braid! Be creative and conjure up a completely new version for your fishtail braid. We’ll show you two wonderful styles here.

Other versions

  • Shiny and firm – the fishtail braid is super versatile. It is also the perfect hairstyle for elegant occasions when worn with a centre parting. To achieve this look, tightly tie the hair and finish it with a voluminous braid that has a wonderful shine! 
  • And there are also other versions if you want extra volume. You can place the braid on the side of your head. To do this, comb all your hair to one side, make a deep side parting, backcomb the hairline and then plait a firm fishtail braid. This gives the hair a sophisticated shimmer and creates a nice contrast with the voluminous upper part of the head. 
  • Other sophisticated versions show that this hairstyle for long hair looks simply enchanting. Side braids with volume at the hairline work best here. Plait the braid loosely initially and then more firmly as you work down. This elegant style will turn heads!