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Inspiration for wedding hairstyles

Finding the perfect wedding hairstyles for your big day

Every bride dreams of a beautiful wedding. Make sure your hair is just right with these tips on up-dos, styling preparation and wedding hairstyle suggestions.

The secret to wedding hairstyles

Preparation is key to the perfect wedding. Stay on track with these hair accessory ideas and wedding planning tips.

Tips for getting ready for your wedding and achieving perfect wedding hairstyles

Before the wedding
  • Arrange at least one hair trial
  • Have your hair trimmed one month before the big day
  • Show your hair stylist your wedding dress and hair accessories so they can create wedding hairstyles or up-dos that match

On the morning of the wedding
  • Choose the right room to get ready in - it needs to have plenty of natural light and be big enough for your hair stylist and bridesmaids
  • If you are going to use straighteners or curling tongs, make sure to apply a heat protectant first
  • For a beautiful up-do or curls that hold until the party, spray NIVEA Diamond Gloss Care Styling Spray on the finished style

Beautiful words

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” - Coco Chanel

Tips for great wedding hairstyles

Get inspiration for your wedding day - from plaits to classy hair up-dos and suggestions for bridesmaid hairstyles.

Wedding hairstyles - how to match your bridesmaids’ hair to yours

Should you match your wedding hairstyle to that of your bridesmaids? This used to be expected at weddings, but now you have more freedom of choice. 

Perhaps you just want to have a matching hair accessory or ensure you all have your hair up or down.

If you do decide to have matching wedding hairstyles, you need to consider the length of everyone’s hair first. This may determine whether you have hair up-dos or not.

You also want to bear in mind which hairstyles suit different face shapes and which looks good with the style and location of your wedding.

Wedding hairstyles at home or at the hairdresser’s?

There is so much to plan before the wedding that having someone take care of your hair on the day can take some weight off your shoulders. If you need to watch your budget, you can still create a beautiful hairstyle at home with the help of trusted NIVEA products.


Create a beautiful hair piece for your wedding