Micellar Shampoo for daily gentle cleansing

Let our new gentle & mild shampoos work wonders on your hair
New NIVEA Micellar Shampoos care for normal to greasy hair & scalp. Our mild shampoos deeply yet gently cleanse, leaving hair looking and feeling refreshed and beautiful.

NIVEA Purifying Micellar Shampoo for refreshed hair

Enjoy refreshed and deeply cleansed hair everyday with new NIVEA Micellar Shampoo with Citrus Melissa extract.

What are micelles?

Micelles are microscopically small congregated molecules that are both ‘water-loving’ (hydrophilic) and ‘fat-loving’ (lipophilic). As a result, they can remove water-soluble as well as fat-soluble dirt when encapsulating all particles and removing them gently. The lipophilic tail traps all kinds of dirt and undesirable grease on your hair and scalp. The hydrophilic head of the smart micelles allows them to dissolve in water to be easily and reliably washed away together with the entrapped dirt.

These new NIVEA Micellar Shampoos build on the efficient cleansing technology known from face cleansing. The mild cleansing agents in the shampoo formulas capture dirt and undesirable grease on hair and scalp and dissolve it in water and thus thoroughly cleanse without depleting the hair and scalp of too many natural oils. They offer a very kind way to cleanse your hair and scalp. Learn more about micellar technology.

Comforting Micellar Shampoo for hydration and improved elasticity

Hydrate and strengthen your hair with new NIVEA Comforting Micellar Shampoo for fragile hair and sensitive scalp.

Experience the power of micelles with new NIVEA Micellar Shampoos

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