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Simple, easy hairstyles

Always look your best with simple, easy hairstyles

In an age of hectic schedules, time is not always on your side. With these hair styling products and time-saving techniques, you can let your natural beauty shine through.

Embracing simple, easy hairstyles

Learn how you can work with the time you have rather than wishing you had more to create quick and easy hairstyles and make-up looks.

Looking good with minimum effort

Busy women simply don’t have time for lengthy morning beauty regimes.

Much as we may like to pamper ourselves and spend hours on our hair and make-up, children, work and life in general have a habit of getting in the way.

However, being a busy businesswoman, studious student or multitasking mum should not mean we have to completely neglect our skincare and hair care.

It is just a matter of being practical, finding a balance and letting our natural beauty flourish.

Small steps like plaiting your hair at night or lifting the roots in a topknot give you an effortless hairstyle overnight.

Time-saving tip – Wear less make-up

The thought of skipping a make-up routine can be alarming, but reducing the amount of time spent on make-up need not mean sacrificing beautiful skin.

In fact, minimal make-up can look very elegant. Try eyeliner, mascara and a sweep of nude eye shadow.

You also save time on make-up removal.

Time-saving tip – Don’t wash your hair every day

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to wash your hair every day.

And not just because it waste precious time and water.

Overwashing your hair removes the natural oils. The more you wash your tresses, the faster they replace the oils. This makes hair become greasy quicker.

Simple, easy hairstyles – a step-by-step guide

Find out how to create easy hairstyles with these hair tutorials and explore how hair styling products help you look good in less time.

Pigtail buns

Begin by combing NIVEA Diamond Volume Care Styling Mousse into the hair.

Separate it down the parting and tie each side into a low ponytail. Then plait each ponytail into a standard three-strand plait.

Twist each plait around to form a bun and secure with NIVEA hairspray and kirby grips.

Double ponytail

Add volume by teasing the roots and applying NIVEA Diamond Volume Care Styling Spray.

Brush the top layer of hair from the sides of the ears into a ponytail and secure with a bobble.

Brush the remaining hair into a low ponytail. This hides under the first so your tresses look longer.

Styling products for simple, easy hairstyles

With a busy day ahead, you want quick and easy hairstyles that last all day. Whether you decide to rock beach curls or one of the easy hairstyles for long hair, it is time to call on your hair styling products for help.

For plait up-dos or ponytails, NIVEA Ultra Hold Styling Spray helps to tame flyaways and make your look seem slick in seconds.

To inject some life into pixie cuts, try running your fingers through your tresses with NIVEA Styling Cream Creme Gel.

But hair styling products aren’t just about increasing the hold. NIVEA Blonde Care Styling Mousse also protects and cares for the hair strands for radiant-looking locks.

Spotlight on relaxed hairstyles – the amazona’s plait

This is one of the easy hairstyles that looks classy enough for a night out but quick enough to complete in a few minutes.

Take a long piece of elastic and tie it round a swept ponytail. Cross the ends round the rest of the hair and secure with a knot. Tease out the hair to create a plait.

Styling tips - easy hairstyles for long hair

With these quick and easy hairstyles and hacks, you won’t be stuck in a styling rut anymore.Style your hair while you sleep by applying NIVEA Diamond Volume Care Styling Mousse before plaiting your locks. In the morning you will be left with bouncy, shiny curls and an instant hairstyle.