How to care for dry hands in winter

Relieving dry skin on the hands during the cold season
The skin on the hands suffers greatly during the winter and dropping temperatures can often leave it chapped and uncomfortable.

Why do the hands get dry during the winter?

Discover the facts behind why the colder months have such a great effect on the skin on our hands.

Don’t let dry skin on hands stop you from enjoying the wintertime

Fun winter activities like ice-skating, throwing snowballs and warming up with a hot drink are what make the cold season special, but they can also be a challenge for dry hands. Take special care of your hands and keep the skin hydrated to prevent dry winter hands.

What effect does winter have on our hands?

The cold season is a hard time for our hands and it’s no surprise that they tend to feel drier when the temperatures drop. The combination of freezing cold conditions outside and dry heated air inside removes the natural moisture from the skin and often leaves it rough and stressed. Furthermore, when the temperature drops, our body produces fewer lipids, which are important for our skin to build up a strong protective barrier.

But there are other factors to take into account during the winter months. For example, we tend to wash our hands more than usual to get rid of germs from winter bugs. Using hot water and harsh soap products can damage the outer protective coating of the skin, causing it to lose even more moisture. Make sure to always use a hand cream after washing your hands to replenish any moisture lost and create a protective barrier over the skin. NIVEA Express Hand Cream has an ultralight formula that absorbs immediately for no sticky feeling.

How to deal with dry hands in winter

Find out how to prevent and care for dry and chapped hands when temperatures drop.

Relieve dry hands with an effective hand cream

Regular use of a hand cream for dry skin is particularly essential when cold and windy conditions prevail during the winter months. Lots of women choose to use a body lotion instead of hand cream, but it’s important to bear in mind that the skin on the hands has very individual needs and hand creams have been specially formulated to meet these needs.

NIVEA Intensive Hand Cream with almond oil is a great dry hand treatment for soothing and intensively nourishing dry and chapped hands in the colder months. For a hand cream that absorbs immediately with a light and non-greasy formula, try NIVEA Express Care Hand Cream and top up whenever you need to without worrying about that sticky feeling.

Remember the backs of the hands

The backs of the hands are particularly delicate, as the skin on them is much thinner than the palms. Plus this skin only has very little subcutaneous fat tissue, meaning it can dry out more quickly. Try applying your hand cream to the backs of the hands and rubbing them together.

Simple ways to prevent dry hands in winter

  • Always remember to drink enough to hydrate the skin from the inside out.
  • Avoid hot-air hand dryers and opt for tissue paper or a towel instead.
  • Stop using soaps that strip the skin of its moisture – opt for gentle hand washes like NIVEA Creme Soft Liquid Handwash instead.
  • Invest in a humidifier to add moisture back into the air at home.

Keep dry hands nourished in winter with NIVEA