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NIVEA Urban Skin: protective care for city dwellers

Keep calm and detox: say goodbye to environmental stressors

Life in the big city can really take its toll on our complexion – that’s why it’s important to use products designed to protect the skin against environmental influences.

Why does urban skin need special care?

There’s no denying that city life has a thrilling buzz about it, but there are also many factors that cause severe stress for the skin.

Hectic city lifestyles don’t tend to go hand-in-hand with radiant skin

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the buzz of urban life – early-morning meetings and late nights among the bright city lights with very little time to relax and unwind. All of this can have an impact on the skin and can contribute to premature aging and blemishes.

The impact of city life on the complexion

There are so many reasons to love life in the city – from prestigious galleries and museums on your doorstep to satisfying work and late nights spent with friends at the many bars and dancing venues that surround you. But as much as you may love the buzz of being a true urbanite, your skin probably isn’t so keen.

The high concentration of exhaust emissions, dirt particles and other pollutants can wreak havoc on the complexion. When this is coupled with the dry air in heating and air conditioning units and flickering computer monitors, you may find your skin is screaming out for moisture and a good detox effect.

Good skin care and simple lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in how radiant your complexion looks. But refreshing your urban skin care routine would help in reducing damaging effects of environmental factors. But this isn’t the only way to streamline your city lifestyle – check out more everyday hacks for urbanites.

Urban skin has unique needs

Tailor your skin care to the challenges of city life.

Don’t let the urban jungle get the better of your skin

Now there’s a way for urbanites to be confident they are giving their skin the best possible care and to reflect their city lifestyles. The NIVEA Urban Skin Day and Night Care with organic green tea extract and hyaluronic acid counteract environmental stressors and help the skin to regenerate.

Urban Skin Defence Day Care:

  • Contains antioxidants to protect skin external influences
  • 48-hour moisture boost
  • SPF 20

Urban Skin Detox Night Care:

  • Special combination of antioxidants to help neutralise free radicals
  • Detoxing & regenerative effect
  • Skin-identical pH value
  • Intensive 48-hour moisturising care

1 Minute Urban Skin Detox Mask:

  • Antimicrobial formula with magnolia extract and white clay for mild but effective cleansing
  • Proven to reduce blemishes and improve the skin’s appearance
  • One-minute application to free the skin from harmful particles

Shinier complexion since moving to the city?

As well as needing extra protection and regeneration to keep the skin looking beautiful, city dwellers also tend to have oilier complexions than those who live rurally. This means they need moisture-rich skin care that is quick to absorb.

A radiant complexion is your best accessory

The best way to brighten up your favourite city outfit is with a healthy-looking complexion and a beaming smile. Discover more about urban chic fashion and style inspiration.