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Nourishing skin cream for modern women

Discover all-in-one skincare with nourishing skin creams

much easier to feel comfortable in your own skin when it is soft and healthy-looking. Find out how to care for your hands, body and face with moisturiser for women.

Nourishing skin cream – the evolution of NIVEA Creme

We trace the history of NIVEA Creme and see how it has developed and why it remains a trusted moisturiser for confident women today.

NIVEA Creme through the ages

NIVEA Creme was the first Creme product the company launched in 1911 – in fact, it was the first stable oil-and-water-based cream. By the 1950s, it had become a favourite around the world.

Despite regular refinements to the formula, it has changed very little over the last 100 years.

Trusted for generations

The tradition of using NIVEA Creme as a nourishing skin cream goes a long way back. Women’s childhood memories are often intermingled with images of their mother applying it every morning as part of her skincare routine and gently rubbing it into the children’s skin as a bedtime ritual.

Skin cream for all-in-one skincare

Considered the ‘mother of all creams’, NIVEA Creme has a long history and track record of gentle skincare.

NIVEA Creme’s success story began after Paul Gerson Unna introduced Dr. Oscar Troplowitz to the emulsifying agent Eucerit. Together they created NIVEA Creme in 1911.

The caring NIVEA formula and delicate feminine scent gently soften dry feet, bring a silky feeling to the hands and nourish the face. This wonderful moisturiser for women can be used anywhere your body needs it.

Beautiful words

“Glamour is about feeling good in your own skin.” Zoe Saldana

Moisturiser for women

Every woman’s skin is different, but as a general rule, women need lighter moisturisers when they are younger. NIVEA Soft has a gentle formula that doesn’t clog the pores or feel too heavy for during the day.  The soft, light texture is perfect for women seeking freshness or gentle care.

What caring skin cream can do for you

Explore the benefits of all-in-one skincare and find the best moisturiser from NIVEA for dry skin to keep skin soft all year round.

NIVEA’s next generation of skincare for women

After five years spent in the lab researching a new formula, NIVEA is proud to unveil NIVEA Care, which we deem a revolution in skincare for women.

The aim of NIVEA Care is to respond to what women are looking for in a moisturiser: intense care without a greasy feel.

In comparison to the legendary NIVEA Creme, which is all about delivering moisture to every skin type, NIVEA Care focuses on refreshing the skin. This is what makes it ideal for the skincare needs of young women and a great moisturiser for dry skin.

NIVEA Care* uses an innovative wax-hydrodispersion formula to deliver intense care and an irresistible softness to young skin.

Ooze confidence

Everyone knows that having healthy-looking, hydrated skin is a confidence-booster. The best way to achieve this is with a dedicated skincare routine. With handy tins and tubes of NIVEA Creme, the next generation of modern, confident women can now easily care for their skin on the go.