Urban chic fashion and style inspiration

How to look fabulous in the city
Urban living is all about excitement and diversity, and style is a big part of that. Follow our guide to stand out from the crowd.

The city is my runway

Outfits and accessories to make you feel great – whether you’re at the office, hitting the shops or out for cocktails with friends.

What’s your signature scent?

Finding the perfect perfume is a must for all women, but particularly important in the city where you’re constantly surrounded by a variety of other scents – some nice, some not so nice. When you’ve found a fragrance you love, stick with it and make it a part of you.

Urban accessories for city girls

What are the accessories an urbanite should never be without?

  • A large bucket bag on her shoulder – simple, spacious and a true fashion item; these bags are ideal for storing work files, make up and the latest gadgets. Discover more essentials and useful hacks for city dwellers.
  • A hat on her head – not only do brim hats look effortlessly chic, they also protect the face during the warmer months.
  • An activity tracker on her wrist – who wouldn’t want to take complete control of their fitness?
  • A pair of comfortable shoes on her feet – everything in the city is reachable on foot, so no more stumbling around in towering heels that didn’t even look that good anyway.

Help regenerate your complexion and let it breathe freely again

Stylish hair and make up to take on the city

With glowing skin and sleek hair, you’ll be unstoppable.

City hairstyles to help you stand out from the crowd

A unique hairstyle is guaranteed to get you noticed. Try these simple urban hairdos to look effortlessly chic.

  • Top knot – tip your head upside down and use your fingers to pull up the hair into a high ponytail. Holding your ponytail at the end, rake your fingers down the hair to add texture. Then wind the hair around to create a top knot and secure in place with pins.
  • Wavy hair – run curling balm through damp hair before blow-drying the locks until they are only slightly damp. Then take small sections of the hair, twist them into a bun and clip in place. Continue until all of the hair is twisted. Blow-dry the buns before removing the clips. Fix natural-looking waves in place with hairspray.
  • Sleek hair – begin by combing the damp hair close to the head and use it to create a side parting. Rub some gel into your hands and use your fingers to distribute it through the hair before combing it down again. Fix in place with hairspray.
NIVEA teamed up with some of Europe’s finest influencers to explore trendy yet easy hairstyles for urban styles. Check out the hair tutorials and be inspired.

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